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Our mission is to develop and promote the Hispanic Construction Industry in Georgia

Training and Education

GHCA offers a variety of educational programs, at a minimum cost and on a continuing basis.

These programs are designed to increase knowledge in all areas of the construction business.

We can also provide counseling for specific business needs through our partners.

Business development

GHCA is committed to helping its members find new business opportunities by connecting large and small businesses as well as encouraging its members to pursue teaming opportunities. GHCA creates opportunities for its members to:

  • network
  • meet potential customers
  • open the doors for general contractors to meet potential subcontractors.

Government relations and advocacy

GHCA works closely with private, public, government and non-profit organizations in order to identify business opportunities and promote the inclusion of Hispanic entrepreneurs.

In addition, GHCA works in partnership with Other Non-profit organizations and the State and Federal governments to address construction related issues.

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