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Our mission is to develop and promote the Hispanic Construction Industry in Georgia

Training and Education

GHCA offers a variety of educational programs, at a minimum cost and on a continuing basis.

These programs are designed to increase safety awareness, promote better business practices and create a business opportunities for our members.

Through our partners, we can also provide members with access to various business and industry specific resources.

Business development

The GHCA is committed to providing members with networking opportunities among companies of various sizes to foster new business and teaming opportunities.  The GHCA does this through a variety of year round events and programs including:

  • Meet & Greet Events
  • Ongoing Workshops
  • Guru Apprentice Program

Government relations and advocacy

The GHCA works closely with private, public, government and non-profit organizations in order to identify and promote full and equitable business opportunities for our members and the construction community at large.

We also partner with other non-profit organizations and government entities to promote legislation and policy that is favorable to our community.

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