Letter from Chairman of the Board

By September 12, 2018News

It is now official!! Please give a warm welcome to these amazing leaders to our GHCA community.

The Chairman’s Message

It gives me great pleasure to announce some important changes to the leadership of the GHCA. Maricielo Fuller will take the role of Executive Director for the GHCA. Maricielo brings significant experience in community services as a consultant in Corporate Social Responsibility, Communications and Public Relations and has been instrumental in orchestrating the GHCA’s annual Gala in the past three years. As the Program and Marketing Director, Maricielo has coordinated the Education and Training programs during 2018 as well as the design, implementation and evaluation of strategic Marketing Plans and has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to our association. Andrea Rivera will stand down as the Interim Director though she will continue to be an Ambassador for the GHCA. On behalf of the Board of Directors, we thank Andrea for her contributions and wish her much success.

The Board of Directors welcomes two new members to the Board; Albert Assad and Kevin Lares. Each of them brings deep community knowledge, a passion for philanthropy and the desire to envision an ambitious future for the GHCA to meet the growing needs of our industry. Our newest Board members embody the spirit of community and bring their time, talent and treasure to the table. We are grateful for their membership and look forward to their contributions.


Wilson Tomala 

Chairman of the Board – Georgia Hispanic Construction Association